October 17-18, 2015: International Steampunk City Returns to Historic Speedwell

A huge THANK YOU to all the amazing people who came out to last year’s Steampunk City! Thank you for supporting a great cause, and being wonderful people! If you have thoughts, ideas, or feedback, feel free to write to me at jeffmach@jeffmachevents.com.

Steampunk is a whimsical genre based around the Age of Steam.  Steam City is a little like a Renaissance Faire, only focused on a 19th-century world of mad science and madcap adventure.   All are welcome!!   Come dressed any way you’d like – and you don’t need to know anything special or be part of any group or organization.  Come out, bring your family, have some fun, meet nice people, and support a fantastic cause: Historic Speedwell(www.speedwell.org), the birthplace of the telegraph!

Visit our other event, the world’s largest Steampunk show: The Steampunk World’s Fair!


Vending for International Steampunk City 2015 is now open!

Please fill out our vendor application here

2014 Vendors

This is the actual store front of James Hardy & Co in London.  Photo by http://www.bcmh.co.uk.  Steam City is about as close as you can get to Victorian London while still being in New Jersey

This is the actual store front of James Hardy & Co in London. Photo by http://www.bcmh.co.uk. Steam City is about as close as you can get to Victorian London while still being in New Jersey

Updated!  Below, you’ll find the vendors for Steam City 2014!  Check out their splendid wares! 

We are currently not accepting any new vendors; we’re full up! If we have space for more vendors, we will post information on how to apply right here. Thank you for your interest!


GothFae.com / Steampunk Dollie Collection offers an intriguing blend of Steam-Goth and Victorian Retro-Futuristic styles, accented with a splash of sideshow spice, to present a mixture of clothing that will appeal to a wide range of Steampunk fashion enthusiasts. The newest limited-edition group of handmade designs, which includes bustles, bloomers, camisoles and lace cover-ups, is influenced by the early 1900’s “ladies” of Storyville New Orleans. These original designs co-ordinate with a large selection of unique “off the rack” clothing in a lacy, demurely risque, Neo-Victorian style. In striking contrast is the “Midnight Sideshow” group which includes many one-of-a-kind, deconstructed, up-cycled garments and conjures up images of a seedy post-apocalyptic traveling carnival. All of the clothing and co-ordinating accessories reflect designer Jeanne M. Thompson’s lifelong appreciation of vintage style, and a slightly twisted sense of humor. Website


Voltaire Design Studio

10325129_1614310498794345_7458425364210853826_nFacebook | Etsy
Hats, jewelry and accessories with steampunk and goth themes. Items include cell phone cases, some bags and custom order corsets and costume pieces


Mistress Rae’s Decadent Designs

312207_227783570602353_2514664_nWebsite | Facebook | Etsy
Specializing in one-of-a-kind Steampunk, Victorian, Gothic/Horror-inspired dolls, jewelry, accessories, and anthropomorphic creations. Fright Times 2012 Award Winner for “Best Horror Collectible”.


Sunshine’s Moonlight

SMLOGOWebsite | Facebook
Handcrafted soaps, candles, bath products, potions and brews, the Egyptian glass and other assorted shiny smelly things


Felix Eddy Fine Art

556513_342248529189917_1356045159_nWebsite | Facebook | Etsy
Felix Eddy is an artist of diverse interests. Inspired by folklore, dreams, all kinds of music and books, her artwork ranges from simple, bright watercolor creatures, to serious and sexy large-scale oil paintings of fabulous characters. Felix attended Alfred University where she graduated at the top of her class with a B.F.A. Her work has been shown in California, Washington, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Texas, and New York. Recently, she has been immersed in the budding art scene in Binghamton, NY, showing at the First Friday events and collaborating with local artists on new projects. She sells original works at a number of arts festivals and galleries in New York State, and offers prints and postcards of a selection of her original paintings.


Heather E. Hutsell

tub9Website | Facebook
Heather E. Hutsell of FattyBabyCat Publishing is a self-published authoress of seven novels (and counting!), ranging from romantic horror, vampyres and werewolves, Alice in Wonderland sequels, Steampunk mysteries, dystopian futures and other surreal tales of twins, dreams, nightmares, folklore and labyrinths. Also a costume designer and creator, she is always full of literary and visual surprises.


Metal di Muse

430268_281646398570106_1674213244_nWebsite | Facebook
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories for the Inner DIVA in you.


Eklektik Treasures

Steampunk and Victoriana style jewelry, Pillows, vest, hand painted gourd lamps and bird and fairy houses, cigar box purses, wine bottle lanterns, and wind chimes and art work.


Fine Line Leather Design

252558_215825385104491_837350_nWebsite | Facebook | Etsy
Truly extraordinary leatherwork!

Unique and different leather products, unlike any other. Featuring extraordinary colors, embroidery, and leather art by owner Mellie.


The Roguish Rabbit

10313381_658872690835408_6423435462820644485_nWebsite | Facebook
The Roguish Rabbit is a repository of steampunk, gothic and geeky inspired accessories. All items are handmade one of a kind pieces. Many of the items offered have been made with pieces from deconstructed clocks and other found items. At this time our stock consists of hats, goggles, hair pieces, jewelry and other bits and bobs but we are always open to requests and expanding our creative horizons.



894598_751812658204628_8113602354028899306_oWebsite | Facebook
The Devils Darkroom does ferrotype photography, also known as wet plate or tin types. These are pictures on metal. Just how they were done during the 1860’s. The Devils darkroom technique is true to the 19th century and some of our equipment is over 150 years old.
We photograph just as they did during the 19th century and try to be as period correct as possible, throughout the entire process. The lenses that are used are antiques and the dark box and view camera is hand made to what was used during that time period.
Each picture is one of a kind and will last a lifetime. A true unique experience.


Caruso Kith Kin & Co LLC

1040187_544421728950426_1729312148_oWebsite | Facebook
Caruso Kith Kin & Co LLC will be out in force, deploying all three of its departments:

Metal Cephalopod Army: A cavalcade of nautical chainmail creatures alongside superlative chain link jewelry.

The Horologium: All things clockwork and mechanical.

The Bazaar: Hand-cast pewter items, old coins, magic tricks, curios, and everything else that doesn’t quite fit.

The staff horologist will also be on-site to diagnose and repair your old clocks and pocket watches, so be sure to bring them with you!



Website | Facebook | Twitter
Mid Century Modern, Danish Modern, MOD, industrial, Steampunk, eccentric, oddities, Solid State HiFi, Old School, Throw back fashions, vintage


Jacki Jacobs Photography

Website | Facebook
Jacki Jacobs Photography is a portrait and event photography company that specializes in unique weddings and photo booths. They are a company that believes that the customer is so much more than a paycheck. Many of our clients become long time friends or at the very least refer us to their friends. We believe in bringing the personal touch into your photos. We love Renaissance faires, Steampunk events and all things with roots in art and fantasy. We are based in Massachusetts but we do travel. Our scope includes all of New England and some of the outer lying areas. Our photo booth was custom built and is fully customizable. Choose your back ground, your theme, select your props and we even customize the photo strip template for your event, even your scrapbook is assembled in advance and maintains the look and feel of your event. We even have a zombie photo booth for your Halloween or Walking Dead party needs.


We Are currently not accepting any new vendors. If we have space for more vendors, we will post information on how to apply right here. Thank you for your interest!