International Steampunk City Returns to Historic Speedwell!

Event Dates: October 17-18, 2015!

Now in it’s fourth year, International Steampunk City (ISC) at Historic Speedwell – the birthplace of the telegraph – brings to life the whimsical, fantastical world of Steampunk. ISC is a little like a Renaissance Faire, only focused on a 19th-century world of mad science and madcap adventure during the Age of Steam!

For two days in October, the beautiful and historic town of Morristown, NJ, will once again open its doors to the Steampunks of the world! Enjoy special events all throughout the town, dine in restaurants, amusements, music, performers, vendors, exhibits, presentations, and more.

Come dressed any way you like – and you don’t need to know anything special or be part of any group or organization! Experience the way life could have been in this metropolis of science, steam, and fun! Bring your family and friends, have some fun, meet nice people, and support a fantastic cause: Historic Speedwell (, the birthplace of the telegraph!

If you’re a fan of Steampunk and fun, be sure to visit our other event, the world’s largest Steampunk show: The Steampunk World’s Fair!