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October 11-12th, 2014: The Steampunk City returns to Historic Speedwell

Steampunk City is open to all, Steampunks or otherwise – it’s a great family event, and a wonderful event for anyone who loves great music, unique shows and talks, and supporting a wonderful cause: Historic Speedwell, the birthplace of the telegraph!

Tickets are now available – you can get them right here!

Find Steam City on Facebook! 

Now with amazing international headliner Unwoman!

Click HERE to see the full schedule for 2014!

Visit our other event, the world’s largest Steampunk show:

  The Steampunk World’s Fair!

A huge THANK YOU to all the amazing people who came out to last year’s Steampunk City! Thank you for supporting a great cause, and being wonderful people! If you have thoughts, ideas, or feedback, feel free to write to me at jeffmach@jeffmachevents.com.

Steampunk is a whimsical genre based around the Age of Steam.  Steam City is a little like a Renaissance Faire, only focused on a 19th-century world of mad science and madcap adventure.   All are welcome!!   Come dressed any way you’d like – and you don’t need to know anything special or be part of any group or organization.  Come out, bring your family, have some fun, meet nice people, and support a fantastic cause!
Please visit our Host’s site: www.speedwell.org!