Dining & Refreshments


As an International City, Morristown is proud to present a truly international cuisine!  Within the precincts of our hamlet, you’ll find:


Aikou 54 South Street
Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta 47 S Park Place
Arepas Paisas 116 Speedwell Ave
Asahi Sushi 65 Morris Street
Au Bon Pain 111 Madison Ave
Brick Oven of Morristown, The 90 South Street
Burger King 66 Morris Street
Cafe 95 95 Madison Ave
Cafe y Canela 77 Martin Luther King Ave
Caffe India 79 Washington Street
Cappia Cafe 19 Market Street
Cha Cha Cha Cuban Bistro 23 Washington Street
Chinatown Chinese Restaurant 30 Lafayette Ave
Cluck U Chicken 64 Morrist Street
Cold Stone Creamery 5 Washington Street
Cosi Inc. 29 Washington Street
Cottage II Hunan & Szechuan Cuisine 127 South Street
Crystal Bay Cafe 163 Madison Ave
Cullins Cafe 25 Headquarters Plaza
Cups Frozen Yogurt – That’s Hot 7 South St
Danny’s Pub 54 Speedwell Ave
David Todd’s City Tavern 150 South Street
Domino’s Pizza 147 Speedwell Ave
Don’s Burgers and Fries 92 South Street
Dublin Pub 4 Pine Street
Eclectic Grill 3 Speedwell Ave
El Encuentro Centro Americano Restaurant 30 Lafayette Ave
El Paraiso De Alcapulco 81 Martin Luther King Ave
El Portal 132 Speedwell Ave
Famished Frog, The 18 Washington Street
Futbolandia Restaurant 141 Speedwell Ave
Futbolandia Restaurant II 4 Early Street
Galapagos Restaurant 98 Speedwell Ave
George and Martha’s American Grille 67 Morris Street
Grand Cafe, The 42 Washington Street
Grasshopper Off the Green 41 Morris Street
Grilled Cheese Factory, The 28 Morris Street
Guerriero’s Ristorante 162 South Street
Hennessey’s Washington Bar 140 Morris Street
Hibiscus Restaurant 270 South Street
Hunan Wok 96 Elm Street
Iron Bar Sourh Street
J&K Steakhouse 56 South Street
J. Hinari Restaurant 5 Pine Street
Jungle Juice 151 Morris Street
Jury Box, The 50 Washington Street
Kebab Fusion 27 South Street
La Campagna Ristorante 5 Elm Street
La Casa Del Pollo 104 Speedwell Ave
La Estacion Mexican Restaurant 94 Elm Street
Lin’s Palace 40 Speedwell Ave
Macho Nacho 76 Morris Street
Marjan Persian Grill 84 Speedwell Ave
Mehndi 88 Headquarters Plaza
Milano’s Gourmet Pizzeria 61 South Street
Ming II 88 Headquarters Plaza
Morris Pizzeria 78 Morris Street
Morristown Diner 73 Morris Street
Muscle Maker Grill 44 Speedwell Ave
Nagano 23 Washington Street
Nara Japanese Restaurant 66 Morris St
Office Beer Bar & Grille, The 3 South Street
Origin French Thai 10 South Street
Pamir 11 South Street
Pan Pizza 130 Speedwell Ave
Pazzo Pazzo 74 Speedwell Ave
Pete’s Restaurant & Pub 119 Morris Street
Pomodoro’s 125 Morris Street
Provesi of Morristown, Inc. 50 South Street
Qdoba 40 Park Place
Raul’s Empanadas Town 63 Morris Street
Roots Steakhouse 40 Park Place
Sebastian’s Steakhouse 80 Elm Street
Settebello il Caffe 2 Cattano Ave
Side Bar, The 18 Washington Street
Sirin Thai Restaurant 3 Pine Street
SM 23 Bar*Lounge 88 Headquarters Plaza
Sona Thirteen 13 South Street
South Street Creamery & Cafe 146 South Street
Spring Garden 197 Speedwell AVe
Sushi Lounge 12 Schuyler Place
Suvio’s Pizzeria & Restaurant 83 Washington Street
Taro Frozen Yogurt 41 South Street
Tart & Tufo 78 South Street
Tashmoo Bar & Restaurant 8 DeHart Street
Tavern off the Green 127 Morris Street
Thai Andaman Sea Recipes 147 Morris Street
Tim Schafer’s Cuisine 82 Speedwell Ave
Tito’s Burritos 26 Washington Street
Tomato Pie 20 South Street
Top’s China 66 Morris Street
Urban Table 40 W Park Place
Villa Cafe 52 Speedwell Ave
Wabi Sabi Sushi 39 Washington Street
Yo & Papa 190 South Street