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The Eternal Frontier – just one of this year’s amazing performers!

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Now with International Steampunk Headliner UNWOMAN!

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Unwoman has headlined some of the world’s largest and most prestigious Steampunk events, and she’s making a special appearance at our own event!  You CAN’T miss this year!

Unwoman is an anachrofuturistic electric cellist/singer-songwriter. With bittersweet waltzes and post-apocalyptic love songs, Unwoman has been a featured favorite at major steampunk, goth, and sci-fi-related events all over North America. She has self-produced seven albums. Unwoman has also performed with Voltaire, Abney Park, Amanda Palmer, Rasputina, Stripmall Architecture, and Vernian Process, among many others.

Image by the talented Courtney Peters. 



A Halo Called Fred

A_Halo_Called_FredWebsite | Facebook
A Halo Called Fred provides the best geek rock ever played on guitar, bass, fiddle, and kitchenware. Their songs feature such topics as Pirates, Steampunks, Cavemen, and any body part or flying thing you can think of. Halo has performed with King Missile, been produced by a member of Ween, and featured on The Doctor Demento Show. Reborn after a decade-long hiatus, they are regulars at off-beat cultural events such as Wicked Faire, The Steampunk World’s Faire, and the Macabre Faire Film Festival.


Psyche Corporation

PsycheCorp_CopperLuneWebsite | Facebook
Psyche Corporation is a fairytale cyber/steampunk band fronted by a brunette Rapunzel-lookalike who combines dance with a powerhouse vocal range, while clad in an improbably wasp-waisted Victorian corset. The band is named after a dream manufacture group from a future where neural implants allow people to download dreams. Songs deal in dystopian themes as well as more lighthearted filk works, such as “Perl-Operated Boy”. The musical style spans genres of trip-hop, electro-rock, and world music. A recent song has mixed tribal singing with classical piano while embedding poliovirus DNA into its percussion.


Sarah Donner

S.Donner-7121-3227797096-OWebsite | Facebook
Sarah Donner is an indie folkpop songstress who has embraced her inner catlady. She works the stage with a powerful vocals, punchy guitar, and a candid stage presence. That Is A Pegasus (2014) is her fifth studio album released on her label CatLady Records. It was co-produced with Owen Lewis, whose engineering credits include Katy Perry, The Cranberries, and Snow Patrol. The new songs teeter back and forth between playful, rock, nerd core, and ballads, all tied together with bright melodies and driving, energetic instrumentals.

The “Sarah Donner and the Sleepy Kitten” video and “The Motherf**cking Pterodactyl Song” which was co-written with The Oatmeal catapulted Sarah into weblebrity status with over two million views on YouTube alone. Her music has been featured on Conan O’Brien’s blog, NPR, Showtime, and CBS News. It has also been licensed for television shows on Discovery networks, Bravo, MTV, VH1, and Showtime.

She is a graduate of Westminster Choir College. After stretching her legs with musical theatre, she picked up a guitar, abandoned her classical roots, and started rocking out (with fantastic breath support). Sarah Donner’s cold New England heart was transplanted to New Jersey where she fosters kittens when not on tour.



428461_10151915422255224_1900559740_nThe World of Wyck is pleasurably painful. Wyck mixes classic sideshow routines with his own unique humor and stunts, for vast comedic effect and what is, simply, an absolutely unique stuntman show. From fire breathing to animal traps, Wyck will keep you happily entertained, while amazing you at the same time.


The Velocitators

Come hear the crew of the S.S. Velocitator! The Velocitators are an anti-folk, aggressive acoustic band that draws inspiration from the realm of absurdity. Singing about death, pith helms, cows, gatling gun arms, murder and more about death, they embrace the themes that decent normal folk find abhorrent.


Professor Gall

32581_116783248353210_395503_nWebsite | Facebook
A Tincture of Junkyard Folk and Steampunk Jazz’. Professor Gall seeks to uncover the contradictions of an ambiguous and native-less society, ‘dreaming the existentialists’ dream’, while at the same time pleading for individualism, peace, and more fun at funerals.

The Portland, Oregon conglomerate starts with Drew Norman on vocals, guitar, percussion stomp box and banjo, who brings his theatrical experience to the musical stage and is responsible for the initial musical and lyrical embellishments. Drew’s recent side roles include the ‘Husband’ in the stage and movie version of Sally Tomato’s TOY ROOM(Severe Enterprises), a rock opera that won accolades from The Heart of England Film Festival, studio recordings and live shows with Will West, Kory Quinn, Orchestre L’ Pow and the Wanderlust Circus. Scott Johnston heads up the first chair position for the horn section, arranging charts and providing his saxophone alchemy. Rounding out the ensemble is Monte Skillings on trombone, John Stewart(Live Wire, Storm Large), Sean Hudson(Orchestre L’ Pow) on stand-up bass, Don Henson(Sneakin’ Out)and Andrew Alikhanov(Chervona) on clarinet.

Critical acclaim for their first full length CD ‘Intravenous Delusion’ has enabled Professor Gall to become a regional favorite, sharing the stage with semi-national/national acts like The Devil Makes Three, Eric McFadden Trio, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Billy Nayer Show, Vagabond Opera, the Dandy Warhols and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum at venues throughout the West Coast as well as festivals and conventions like the Folklife Festival (Seattle,WA), Gearcon (Portland,OR), Teslacon (Madison,WI) and Steamcon( Bellevue, WA)Wild Wild West Steampunk Con (Tucson,AZ). The band released in March of 2010 their sophomore release entitled ‘The Psychology of Booze and Guilt’ to rave reviews. PG’s third release, ‘Magnetic Roots’ came out on April 20th, 2013.

Professor Gall was recently featured by Seattle’s City Arts Magazine as the Portland, Oregon representative of the National Steampunk Movement, along with the Dresden Dolls (Boston), Abney Park (Seattle) and Unwoman(San Francisco).



189549_10150124877963988_4863806_nReverbNation | Facebook
Funk Soul Party Jam Band



10357740_278402295671155_6223989901704898897_oSoundcloud | Facebook
We are electrxavalanshh (electric avalanche). We are an electronic based dance/rock band with a splash of underground pop. We are a two man band that plays multiple instruments to put together what is a very lush, upbeat sound. We are constantly evolving. We enjoy our derby and top hats, making our own instruments. It would be a great pleasure to play at this event as we have attended Jeff’s events prior as no. Performers and had a great time.


Steve A. Wiggins

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Where would Steampunk be without tech? Steve A. Wiggins, PhD, historian of ancient religions, will offer a presentation looking at ancient technology. Beginning with the Antikythera Mechanism, a 2000-year-old gear-box found in 1901, he will take the audience through several strange pieces of technology at appeared before their time. The Baghdad Battery, the ancient Egyptian lightbulb, and several other examples of ancient tech will be explored. Come along for a fun, but informative look at the technology of the ancients that still has historians scratching their heads.


Storytime with Miriam Webster

avatar“Come hear stories of talking goats, curious children, and wild adventures!
Miriam Webster (Karen Ulric) is a New York Public Library trained librarian and storyteller. For all ages – who doesn’t like a good story – but especially aimed at the younger steampunks.”


The Looking Glass Revue

The Looking Glass Revue is a Burlesque and Comedy Troupe bringing the art of Burlesque to a new generation.

The Looking Glass Revue is the premier burlesque troupe of the Lehigh Valley, PA. It is the collaboration of designer and owner of House of Minerva, Kate Elfatah and Burlesque Performer Mika Romantic. The two have collaborated to bring an amazing artistic Burlesque Troupe to a new generation of people.

The Looking Glass Revue is an exciting, high energy Burlesque Troupe from Pennsylvania. Local business owner and designer of House of Minerva, Kate Elfatah has teamed up with award winning Burlesque performer and model, Mika Romantic to bring the glamour and mystic back to a reemerging art form. The show has a bevy of beautifully costumed and classically trained performers that tempt the audience with a nostalgic taste of old Hollywood. The Looking Glass Revue will transport you back to a simpler time, a time when showgirls and starlets reigned supreme.

The troupe features The Looking Glass Revue’s beautiful and talented burlesque stars, Mika Romantic (Artistic Director and award winning burlesque performer and pin-up model), Ruby Von Vanity (award winning pin-up model) Bandi Wine and Penny Page. Comedy by Resident Stand-up comic Ben Fidler and keeping the show flowing will be resident MC, Jayson Simpson. Providing the soundtrack to our show is Sound Engineer, Alex DiAnna.

The Troupe is hot off of their triumphant debut where they performed to a sold out three night run in Park City Utah at The Social Film Loft during the Sundance Film Festival and were quickly the talk of the town. The Social Film Loft, produced by Kate Elfatah served as a celebrity and event gifting suite and was placed in the “Top 10 Parties” to attend at the coveted festival. Celebrities who visited the suite included, Elijah Wood, Michael C Hall, Rainn Wilson and Lindsey Lohan.

The Troupe prides itself on bringing classic burlesque to a new generation. They will take you back to a simpler time, a time when starlets and showgirls reigned supreme.
You may not know what to expect, but expect to be entertained!


Professor McClendon’s Storytime


Award nominated internet author, JP McClendon, will be reading for you various obscure stories (Not his own, of course! He wouldn’t want to bore you!) of the past, ranging from a story that was the first of its kind, a story that eerily predicted a tragic future event, a story that inspired a cult Hollywood film, and some classic Doctor Who.


Two Bastards

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What do you get when you combine a world-class musician with classical training, with a top-tier sound engineer and entrepreneur? We don’t know either; the best we could get for this show was TWO BASTARDS.

Two Bastards is composed of NYC subway favorite The Wandering Cellist, and Circuit Six’s own Dr Andy Lange. They play comedic or poignant covers of popular music, interpreted in ways you’ve never seen before. Unless of course, you’ve been to a previous Two Bastards show, in which case you’ll be coming to this performance purely to see what percentage of their show manages to actually be in the right key this time.

  • Important Things To Know About Two Bastards:
  • Luna and Dr Andy have never rehearsed together, and have ONLY traded lead-sheets via the internet before performing live.
  • Luna has not heard of half the songs that Dr Andy suggests to perform.
  • Dr Andy has not heard of ANY of the songs that Luna suggests to perform.
  • While Two Bastards is performing, stagehands often sneak around and give your new phone number to your ex-girlfriend.
  • Two Bastards is 64% More Musical than Jeff Mach Himself.
  • Two Bastards won an AES Achievement Award for Best Use Of Reverb To Hide Lack Of Talent.

Black Lace Blues

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Black Lace Blues is a band that performs an original mix of Blues, Funk, Rock and other genres of music. We believe in having a good time on stage. And we love it when the feeling is picked up by the audience. “I love the LIVE situation over recording” says Brian. “It’s that instant interaction that creates the energy you can only feel playing the music live. The song is never played exactly the same way twice night after night because we all bring our day into the performance!!. And if you touch just one person, it’s the greatest rush!”


Baron Von Lichtenstein

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Baron Von Lichtenstein was born in NYC in 1964, spent his formative years between carnivals and mental institutions. He first picked up a guitar at 14, and has written and recorded since, with almost 500 songs on CD, and about 200 on Youtube. In between that he survived assassination attempts, alcohol poisoning, shingles, rickets and dishpan hands.


Boston Sprockettes

1723332_235022900014472_1559145086_nWebsite | Facebook
An eclectic display of talent through vintage colored glasses! Come take a trip through the imaginarium and experience song, dance, comedy and live action dramas! There will be games, prizes and audience participation!


Nicole Salomone

81qlRdVCF7LWebsite | Facebook
Vampirism in Early Modern London: Vampires are real! At least that’s what was believed in London during the 18th century. While vampire lore dates back hundreds of years to Bulgaria and Romania, a lesser known history of the vampire arose from misconceptions about death in London. Premature burial of the apparently dead was a common occurrence during this time. Fears of being prematurely buried continued until the invention of the safety coffin, which allowed people who awoke to alert those topside of any accidental burials. Come learn causes, prevention, discovery, and return from the dead of the prematurely buried.

That Which Doesn’t Kill You May Cure You: During the 18th century, London was making great strides in medicine. The days of the humours were phasing out for new science-based theories. At a time when evidence-based results meant that the medicine worked when the symptoms went away, many chemicals were used that we would now consider dangerous or toxic. Come learn about the medical advances of 18th century London and what remedies a doctor may have prescribed for you if you were to get sick.


The Eternal Frontier

The Eternal Frontier are wandering Steam-minstrels.
Armed with their acoustic guitars, the duo of Professor Adam Smasher and Baron Maximilian Von Zipple, occasionally stop time to serenade other Chrononauts and atendees, with two or three covers of classic and/ or contemporary Steampunk themed songs. Then they transport to other coordinates within the event and do the same for others there.


Professor Adam Smasher

“Perhaps you’ve heard the word “Steampunk” and wondered what IS Steampunk?
To answer that question, Professor Adam Smasher will be on hand to give his lecture “”Steampunk 101 ~ What IS Steampunk?””. Other Steampunk related questions will also be welcome!”



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Scubaphone is what happens when five culturally literate orangutans wander into the Mingus funk band’s secret practice room in outer space.


Esther Wheelmaker

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Come and enter the dungeon of trials where you will be put to the test! Taste a fairy fart and find out the best descriptive words to use. Touch goblin brains and tell me what you feel. Be blinded down a dark hallway and figure out what that putrified smell is. Come and learn what new ways there are to describing the fantasy world you want to create!


JJ Shenanigan

10448822_294063044088652_1715484286034437923_nWebsite | Facebook
JJ Shenanigan has been delighting audiences large and small since he himself was very small. For more than 20 years he’s been bringing smiles to the young and the young at heart in a variety of different entertainment styles and venues. With his unique and comical style he’s sure to add fun and excitement to the International Steampunk City this year!


Audie & the Sword of Maya

img_8770Website | Facebook
Audie and her Sword of Maya dances to cut through illusions of space, time and ego to discover what is real. Audie, Belly Dance Performer/Instructor has delighted audiences with her unique style for many years. Audie fuses traditional Belly Dance techniques with ancient mythology and modern electronica.


The Positronic Cats

The Positronic Cats are an acoustic, folk duo from Greencastle, PA. Simple chord progressions met with powerful vocals and intricate mandolin phrasings are the foundation for songs about love, revenge, and the future.


Historic Speedwell

The Genre of Steampunk: Exploring Period Literature and its Connection to History – This program will include a presentation and discussion of fictional literature often associated with steampunk and its connection to history.

Fashioning Women’s Worlds – A retrospective of the entire 19th century to show the changes in fashion and society as women’s roles changed through the century.

Public Sanitation in the Victorian Period – We will explore the disgusting living conditions of inner-city dwellers and how the negative impacts of those conditions lead to the forming of the sanitation and medical departments we have today.

The Strange Fate of Antoine Le Blanc – Art imitates life as we look at the early 19th century Morristown murder trial of Antoine Le Blanc and the strange things that happened afterwards. We will use primary sources and the novel Frankenstein to dissect this bizarre event in local history focusing on the American justice system and Gothic literature.


Wandering Performers/Buskers Apply Here!