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10660339_881185188565958_2089316888070178825_nWhat is the International Steampunk City?
We’ll quote the fine folks of the Morristown Patch:

“The past, present and future will come together for the International Steampunk City at Historic Speedwell in Morristown.

A whimsical art genre that blends alternative history, Victorian culture and science fiction, “Steampunk” envisions the world as the 19th century English may have imagined future technology running on the steam power that fueled the industrial revolution of their time.

The “city” is an interactive festival that will feature vendors dressed in Steampunk attire, vendors selling their own creations, lectures on the origin of the Steampunk art movement and guided tours of the Vail House and National Historic Landmark factory seated within the Speedwell property.”

The International Steampunk City is a concept developed and created by Jeff Mach.   It is a blueprint for creating a charity benefit to help museums and historic buildings gain visibility, funding, and enthusiastic visitors, as well as bringing tourism and good times to a historic town! Steam City at Speedwell is an interactive festival in the park, on a beautiful Autumn weekend, when people can come out and have a good time.  Feel free to dress however you’d like, bring family and friends, and get ready for a great time! If you’re on Facebook, you’re most cordially invited to join us there!

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